R. Ryan Wilber

R. Ryan WilberProfessional Background

R. Ryan Wilber has wanted to be a criminal defense litigator since his first year of college. While attending the Santa Rosa Junior College, Ryan concentrated on communications, criminal justice, and sociology. Notably, Ryan experienced a lecture from Greg Jacobs, the prosecutor in the Richard Allen Davis murder trial. It was during this lecture that Ryan thought about what the defense attorney was tasked with.

Later, while attending San Francisco State University, Ryan concentrated his studies on anything and everything involving civil rights and criminal justice. Ryan externed for the Honorable Adrienne Jacobs Miller in San Francisco Juvenile Court. Ryan also focused a considerable amount of time on his internship at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights where he took complaints of police abuses of the citizens of the San Francisco Bay Area. Ultimately, Ryan earned degrees in Criminal Justice and Political Science in 2005.

While applying to law school, Ryan worked as an underwriter for complex SBA, agricultural, and commercial real estate transactions. While in this profession, Ryan specialized in the financial intricacies of small business and large entities seeking financing from a range of institutions, as well as the technical nature of real estate transactions.

Ryan attended Empire College School of Law while also working full-time in the commercial lending industry and while employed as a law clerk for several well-known criminal defense and civil litigators. Ryan also spent a considerable amount of time as a law clerk for the Mendocino County Public Defender’s Office. During Ryan’s time at Empire, he was able to gain immense practical training in the areas of Real Estate litigation and mortgage fraud, as well as Family law. Additionally, Ryan found himself immersed in the defense of litigants facing charges in matters such as: Juvenile, Domestic Violence, Misdemeanor, Traffic, sex crimes, and serious and drug related Felonies. Ryan graduated Empire in 2010.

The wide range of  personal, educational, and professional experiences have given Ryan a significant leg up in the practice of law. Ryan is able to quickly assess financial matters, whether they are relevant to criminal charges, such as embezzlement, a business transaction between two entities, or determining losses a person suffered at the hands of another party acting negligently. In addition to civil rights litigation and pursuing a fight for the underdog, Ryan’s advocacy for the medical marijuana movement and attendant businesses associated with that cause are of unwavering importance to Ryan and his practice.

Personal Background

Ryan is an avid trail and distance runner, and open ocean sailor. Ryan resides in Sonoma County with his wife and law partner Rachel, and their two Great Danes.

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